iDEAL payment link

Plink enables you to create payment links that can be completed via iDEAL.

You don't need a web shop to receive payments via iDEAL. With Plink, you can simply create a payment link that you can forward via email and WhatsApp, or publish somewhere else online.

Invoices are completed faster with a payment link

Create a payment link for your invoice with Plink, by uploading your invoice and specifying the total amount.

Research has shown that sending your invoice along with an iDEAL payment link ensures your payment is completed faster - over 40 percent of payment links sent along with an invoice get completed the same day.

Sell digital files

Behind any payment link you've created with Plink, you can offer downloads. When you create the payment link, you can upload files of up to 2GB. These files can then be downloaded by your customer once he or she completes the payment. This is especially useful when you're selling an eBook or other digital product that you'd like to sell online.

Send email reminders automatically

Plink enables you to send payment links via email. Additionally, you can configure Plink to send payment reminders automatically to your customers, when they haven't completed the payment yet.